a little notebook

August 16, 2013

Definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing diy i've ever done -but probably the fastest and most practical.
I was being stupid and cutting some paper (which turned fine), and ended up with an L shaped stack of asymmetrical papers. Given I had complained long about needing a new and very small notebook, I cut  it in two. The nicer looking stack is pinned to my mini board on my desk, the other I transformed into this notebook like thing. I used a hairpin I made when I was younger to keep it together and taped it a bit. 
Random doodling on the front.
(also a message to my mom who likes to borrow paper from my room)

Ugly, yet it fits in even the smallest bag & my pocket! I will never have to write story ideas on my hands and napkins again (unless I forget it at home which is a very realistic thing bound to happen).


  1. Hvor er den sød og personlig, jeg er selv en stor fan af notesbøger og egentlig bare at skrive alt ned :b

  2. Tak, ja, jeg har også altid brug for en papir og en kuglepen!


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